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How to find and explore locations in photography

Off the beaten path, great photo potential

We try to go beyond the obvious. It is an interesting challenge, and a constant thrill, to return to a famous landmark and photograph it in new ways. And we feature some in our articles. However, our focus is mainly on what is now known as un-destinations: areas largely free from mass tourism and that don't create the instant appeal of the most beautiful sites in the world, but which provide tremendous opportunities for original photographs. Maps and descriptions inside.

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Art and creativity resources in photography

Photography as personal expression

Our main focus is on personal creativity. Social media can be a lot of fun - for a while - but also tend to shepherd users towards a common way of seeing the world. Creative hobbies or jobs are meaningless if they don't help you develop a personal vision and enrich your personal life. Join an opinionated and very experienced bunch of loose cannon photographers. Read our new set of posts on the benefits of creativity and hands-on tutorials on how to put it at the center of your life. Share your insights.

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Gear, technique and craftmanship in photography

Your best interest or the manufacturers'?

Photography can be thought of as the art of creating images, but that's a very incomplete definition. Photographs are first and foremost physical objects. Visit any important photographic exhibition and chances are you will be stunned by the beauty of the prints. That beauty stemps not only from creating a nice image - the usual end game for most amateurs - but from the ability to transform it into something tangible that is a pleasure to own and handle. This section is about completing the journey.

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Ask questions, receive informed answers / Send in photographs for constructive review / Participate in creative challenges / Publish your own articles / ... 

New contributors are always welcome. Whether you want to write long essays, ebooks, white papers or simply a few lines to accompany some photographs, please get in touch. Ask us questions, answer the questions of others, send in interesting news to relay on the blog. Want to help DearSusan along? Visit Friends of DS 🙂

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