Zeiss Loxia 50mm f/2 Planar – Bokeh series

To complement the Loxia 50mm f/2 review published a few days ago, here are a few samples of bokeh at various settings around the f/2.8 region.

All photographs are clickable for a larger version (3000 pix) to let you judge details at 50%, the size I found most useful and realistic.



Close up at f/2.2


Close up @f/2.8


Mid range @f/2.2


Mid range @ f/2.8


Close up, near background f/2.2


Close up, near background f/2.8


Close up with highlights f/2.2 (missed focus)


Close up with highlights f/2.8


I saw a pussy cat – uncorrected A7r AWB (yuck) f/2.2


Mid distance to far – f/2.2


Mid distance to far – f/2.8


Mid distance to far – f/4


Mid distance to far – f/5.6

  • philberphoto says:

    Let me chime in regarding the Loxia 50 bokeh. There are IMHO 2 criteria for bokeh. Is it “structured”, or “creamy”, meaning turning everything into a single creamy look, or does it maintain structure even in the out-of-focus parts of the picture? Is it smooth, or “nervous”? Which means bokeh goes from “creamy and smooth”, like capuccino foam, or running water shot with very slow shutter speed, to “structured and nervous”, which can be hard on the eyes.

    With the above in mind, the Loxia is definitely in the “structured” bokeh variety, like typical Zeiss lenses, and I would rate it medium between smooth and nervous. Obviously if you are looking for creamy bokeh, and, in particular, creamy smooth, there may be better choices, if bokeh is a key purchase factor. Try, for example, the Sigma 50mm f:1.4 that Sigma sold before the current ART. One good example of creamy smooth.

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