Coup d’Œil en Provence – a Travel Monograph

Provence – its unique and often unseen side.



From the author

In Love with Provence? Me too.

It’s the little things; the quirky details, that made the area so interesting and photo-worthy.

Villages with names like Aups, Comps sur Artuby, Entrercasteaux, Fox-Amphou, Salernes, Tourtour or Villecroze don’t often make it to the top of must-see lists, yet treasures are there to be seen on just about every street, alleyway and corner.

This 60+ page book is a collection of souvenirs – a short history of quirky and curious places.

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Written and illustrated by professional photographer and semi-permanent traveler Paul Perton, Coup d’Œil en Provence is a 60+ page photographic essay on the visual treats to be found in the small villages of South-Eastern France.

Working from a holiday base in Villecroze, morning excursions took him to a dozen (and more) tiny villages and a couple of small towns within a 30km radius. Life at that time of day has a different pace; preparation for what the day ahead might bring.

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