Undestination Maps

On this page, you'll find maps of various countries indicating the locations of interesting places, both for their story and the ​phohographic opportunities they contain, that have so far remained free of mass tourism (see our original post on the topic). In those places, you will mostly find people interested in the history of the location, in its art, in its food ... No selfie-stick bonanza and no egocentric Instagram addicts. Please keep it that way. We're a small community and sharing information between us doesn't put these places at risk. It does provide them with interesting, respectful, visitors and income.

You can help curate and preserve the list of locations featured on this page. We know better than to trust the Internet with secrets. There will always be that ​unespeakable twerp willing to sacrifice the peace and beauty of a place for 10 seconds of micro-fame. So - please no hidden gems or truly secret places. But if you know of an area, village, building, garden ... of great photographic interest but not in danger of being overrun by 10-second got-the-T-shirt tourists and low-IQ-high-ego blabbers, please tell us and we'll be happy to add them to the list. 

If you're more interested in the opposite (highly famous and photographed locations) this is really not the page for you 😉 But you'll find a very accurate heat-map on Sightmap.

​How to use these maps: Click any coloured icon for more information and - when available - links to our reviews. 
Colours and symbols: We've tried to keep the icons intuitive. The colours gives you an idea of the setting (green for nature, brown for historical, purple for ​spiritual, orange for modern and dynamic) and the icon gives you an indication of the type of location (castle or old buildings, photo-centric, CBD, temple, tree, art gallery ...)





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