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Feb 19

#201. On test: Nikon 50mm f1.4

By Paul Perton | Review

Nikon moves ahead – it’s full frame camera line-up is currently topped by the D800e and the soon-to-be announced D4something. The big N has done a similar job with it’s lenses, delivering increasingly interesting glassware for the serious amateur and pro alike. Clearly, this isn’t altruism, more an attempt to fend off the charge of […]

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Feb 08

#199. Should we still be collecting lenses ?

By pascaljappy | Opinion

Close to the top of the traditional photographer’s 10 commandments was “covet not thy camera but keep all your good lenses forever“. On paper, it made perfect sense. Lenses are expensive but lose little value (almost none if you buy them second-hand) compared to cameras. Plus a good lens is tool you gradually learn and […]

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Feb 04

#198. The Leica T?

By Paul Perton | News

Oozing onto the Interwebs early yesterday morning, was a story about the Leica T, reputedly a new camera due from the German mothership soon. The story was replete with a grainy photograph and by the time I arrived, 96 visitors to the site had already made a comment, most about its design, shape and whether […]

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Jan 13

#193. Finding the past

By Paul Perton | News

Idling a couple of hours away over the Festive Season with a book of steam railway images*, I found myself looking at this photograph and wondering just where the coal had come from that the train was moving and whether it was destined for the power station in the background. I looked on Google Maps […]

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