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Aug 29

#762. Shooting the storm

By Paul Perton | How-To , Uncategorized

Just a few weeks ago, Cape Town was in real danger of becoming one of the world’s first major cities to run out of water. In several storage dams, the water level was nearing single digits; unrecoverable reserves, as the movement of water would stir up way too much silt and rubbish from the dam’s […]

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Feb 19

#455. (Re)building a system

By philberphoto | Opinion

Ok, I have been very, very stupid. It is a two-act “tragedy”. Act one, I unfortunately let my gear bag slip from my fingers and drop onto the ground. Next thing I know, my Otus 55mm is no longer focusing smoothly over 2/3 of its focus throw. Uggggh! But it gets worse, there is act […]

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