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Feb 29

#460. We take photographs, but we make art

By Paul Perton | Opinion

On occasion, I’ve been known to resemble Google’s StreetView avatar. Not for my girth – that’s something else entirely – but rather my regular and entirely circular changes of opinion pointing to post processing.   Casually viewing the pages of Flickr, 500px et al will set the tone; photographs of just about everything, everywhere. Some […]

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Mosque ceiling
Oct 10

#413. On to Lucknow

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

      The asthmatic high note tooting of Kenny G has accompanied our breakfasts and the lone dinner we’ve eaten in the hotel. Definitely not my choice as it makes me want to slash my wrists, but millions around the world are attracted to his vanilla cocktail style of jazz. Meanwhile, the food is […]

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Bead sellers, Kolkata Flower Market
Oct 03

#409. The Kolkata interlude

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

  Note to self 1: when your weather app tells you it’s 35C outside, with a “feels like” temperature of 45C, it’s best not to go for a walk. Especially, if your testosterone ends up encouraging you to walk 7 kilometres through Kolkata’s endless throngs.   Note to self 2: if you’re going to be […]

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Waiting for a train; Barbican
Jul 03

#372. Meandering

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

  ”’Ees gonna fucking kill yer.”   “Nah ee ain’t.”   “You said you was gonna rape ‘er – all me neighbours ‘eard you. ‘ats his girlfriend and ‘es an ABA. Ees gonna fuckin kill yer.”   “Bollocks.”   It’s 07:09. We forgot to buy milk for our morning coffee and I’ve wandered into the […]

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Evening crossing, Shinjuku
Apr 04

#341. Destination Tokyo

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

  Several weeks of Web research, making notes on Evernote to share between my Mac, Mac notebook and iPad accompanied by what felt like an endless round of reading and image gazing and I was just about ready to head for the airport.   Destination Tokyo. In my bag an almost brand new Fuji X100T, […]

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Nishi Shinjuku
Jan 05

#306. Early rising

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

  Early morning, Shinjuku. Really early – 05:05 and I’m already on the streets.   Of course, I blame jetlag but the truth is that several decades of living in Africa have left their imprint; I sleep when it gets dark and wake as dawn arrives. At home, there’s always things to do. In a […]

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