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Tokyo - Fuji 23mm f1.4
Dec 24

#540. Your experience may vary

By Paul Perton | Opinion , Travel Photography

  Much of DS’ content this past year has been gear-related; lens comparisons, Zeiss’ Otii, Sony cameras v everything else, different software comparisons and despite our best intentions and efforts, little of it really conclusive. Personal preference remains the real test.         Trawling my usual list of daily/weekly/monthly photo blog reads this […]

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Feb 29

#460. We take photographs, but we make art

By Paul Perton | Opinion

On occasion, I’ve been known to resemble Google’s StreetView avatar. Not for my girth – that’s something else entirely – but rather my regular and entirely circular changes of opinion pointing to post processing.   Casually viewing the pages of Flickr, 500px et al will set the tone; photographs of just about everything, everywhere. Some […]

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Untitled, Jaipur. X-Pro with Leica 50mm f1.4
Nov 30

#431. X-Pro1? A good call.

By Paul Perton | Opinion

Three months and a milestone birthday ago, I wrote Going a bit more Fuji; stopping the Leica itch (a quickie) about buying an X-Pro1 and being seriously excited at the prospect.     As it turns out, I was right to be. Although I was more than three years behind the rest of the photographic […]

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Mosque ceiling
Oct 10

#413. On to Lucknow

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

      The asthmatic high note tooting of Kenny G has accompanied our breakfasts and the lone dinner we’ve eaten in the hotel. Definitely not my choice as it makes me want to slash my wrists, but millions around the world are attracted to his vanilla cocktail style of jazz. Meanwhile, the food is […]

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