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May 10

#856. Charming Chantilly

By Dallas Thomas | Travel Photography

Where to start about this small town about 30 minutes from Paris by train. This is what Wikipedia has to say about this lovely medieval town. “Chantilly is a commune in the Oise department in the valley of the Nonette in the Hauts-de-France region of northern France. Surrounded by Chantilly Forest, the town of 11,000 […]

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Sep 08

#641. Finding Solace.

By Adrian | Opinion

Adrian Turner: I recently wrote about my lack of inspiration following a particularly challenging period in my life, that left me feeling emotionally drained and creatively barren. My inspiration came from an hour of introspection whilst I photographed abstract architecture in Singapore, and led to a reassurance that all interest in photography was not dead. […]

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Jun 02

#602. The Road to Montechiari

By pascaljappy | Travel Photography

This is a lovely guest post by Jens Kotlenga devoted to a topic that really inspires us here on DS :un-destination. Jens is an educator by profession, a traveller by choice and a photographer by heart. He picked up photography from his parents and started doing commercial work in his teens, photographing at proms and […]

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May 11

#592. 6 hours in Nîmes

By philberphoto | Travel Photography

  What makes DearSusan unique for me are the deeply conceptual insights, the unfathomable comparisons, the soulful interrogations about the whither of our passions… Well, I thought, it is time for lighter fare. In this case, a quick in-and-out in Nîmes, in the Southern region of Languedoc. Nîmes is a city with a rich past […]

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