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Madikwe sunset
Mar 02

#700. Shooting game

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

  Africa boasts an almost limitless list of places to go, things to see and do. Few are more immediately popular than the bush, where as close as an hour’s drive, or as far as a thousand kilometres, it is possible to get a real feeling of Africa at the most basic level. Or there […]

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Feb 22

#699. Travel and Street Photography in Kuala Lumpur: be polite

By Adrian | How-To , Travel Photography

Regular readers of Dear Susan may have seen previous articles I’ve written about Singapore and Penang, and finding inspiration in some of Singapore’s modern architecture. I’ve travelled in South East Asia for over a decade, and particularly enjoy visiting Asian cities for their culture clash of western modernity, Asian street culture, and alien familiarity. The […]

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Jan 06

#685. London or Sleepy Hollow?

By pascaljappy | Opinion

Ever since we started collecting images and texts for the coming “Let There Be Light” project, the subject of light has started to grow more and more on me. In that spirit, here are a few images from a quick walk along the Thames in the area of Putney where I went the opposite way […]

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Jan 04

#684. 3 Hours in La Boca

By Dallas Thomas | Travel Photography

  La Boca is a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, its early settlers were Italian.  It is also the home of football club Boca Juniors and a photographers dream if you are into colour and textures, I think must of us are.     These days it’s mainly geared toward tourists with its colourful buildings, numerous […]

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