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DearSusan free calendar page for November 2014
Nov 03

#291. November Calendar Page

By pascaljappy | News

Dear readers, it’st that time of the month again. The time when we’re late in delivering our monthly calendar page (again, ahem …) This one is from Paris. Any of you who have visited l’Ile de la Cité might recognize the scene from the small flower market just outside the metro exit. Among the flowers […]

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Sep 29

#280. October Calendar page

By pascaljappy | News

Hey everyone, the October page for our ongoing freebie calendar series is here. As usual, multiple photo candidates were discussed. But let’s face it, what area of the world best captures the feeling of a great October day? I suppose red forests are nice, but we’ve seen thousands. And Halloween costumes also come to mind […]

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Kogel Baai morning
Sep 14

#277. Fighting off Otus envy.

By Paul Perton | Opinion

Zeiss’ 55mm Otus doesn’t stir me much. Of course, I want one; I’m a photographer after all. But I’ve got an ancient 50mm f1.4 manual focus AI Nikkor that delivers fantastic images and I still haven’t learned to get the best out of it yet. Besides which, it was a US$96 eBay buy. Zeiss’ monster […]

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