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May 06

#854. A Camera for Paris!

By Chris Stump | Opinion

We’re going to Paris!  Well, next year, and probably in the Fall…so it’s a ways off. But we’re planning. What fun. ‘Trip of a lifetime’ to be sure. However, this will not be a photo-safari a la Pascal and his pals. I will not be photographing when and where I want, but will instead be […]

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Apr 12

#843. What’s in my Bag? (Adam)

By Adam Bonn | Review

  Late to the party (but always nice to be invited) it’s high time I shared with you the contents of my bag!   The obvious choice for me was the Billingham Hadley small. To me this bag has everything I need. The ability to cram in more stuff that anything that size has any […]

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Cape Town
Dec 15

#799. What’s in my bag? Part 1

By paulperton | Opinion

I doubt I can put a figure to it, but there have been any number of times I’ve left the house, kitted-up for an early morning, or evening shoot only to be en route to my chosen location and discover my most important item of all has been left behind.               […]

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