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Dec 23

#1160. Introducing Basics

By pascaljappy | News

When you read or view tutorials about photography online, it’s hard not to feel most of the teachers are putting the cart before the horses. It is not uncommon to witness a terribly elaborate post-processing procedure applied to a photograph that’s composed all meh, for example.   So, I’d like to offer a counter point […]

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Sep 23

#906. Learning photography through forms.

By pascaljappy | How-To

If you’re vaguely familiar with karate, you’ll know that it is taught through a set of very distinct exercises. Kihon are basic movements, Kumite is a sort of sparring, and there are many more. Central among those are kata and bunkai. Kata are forms, sets of movements you repeat over and over again to memorise […]

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May 09

#720. Drop it ! And start training.

By pascaljappy | How-To

This is me walking the walk. Have mercy!     It started out innocently enough. Philippe and I were chatting over Skype (we do that) when those clouds appeared over the horizon. I run to the camera, knowing how fleeting those moments are when everything in nature lines up, and get there … too late. […]

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Feb 17

#559. Are ballet dancers better photographers?

By philberphoto | How-To

For many weeks, my condition prevented me from any interaction with the outside world. During that dark time, Pascal sent me almost every day a “picture of the day”, complete with questions/reflections/musings on what is photography. Beyond the extraordinary friendship and generosity that this shows (what else is new, for those of us who know […]

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Sep 04

#274. Travel Photography as a Dynamic Duo

By pascaljappy | Opinion

A few weeks ago, friend and co-author Philippe visited me and we set out to photograph 2 of the local attractions : the Cap Canaille cliff in the pretty port of Cassis and the view from the Sainte-Baume, alleged last dwelling of Mary Magdelene, and pictured here. After reviewing our respective photographs and finding both […]

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