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Oct 23

#919. Origami Deconstructed

By Nancee Rostad | Art & Creativity

The following is a true (if somewhat dramatized!) example of my typical creative process. I’ll set the scene: Kyoto, Japan 2017 with a group of photographers, bucketing rain, wind blowing, a beautiful autumn garden, dripping & flowing water everywhere, 2.5 hours allotted to shoot this place, at this time. For me, it was a nightmare […]

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Feb 18

#87. Adventures in Toy Camera land

By pascaljappy | News

UPDATE : A summary of all this website’s reviews of the Sony NEX-5n and NEX-7 is now available. Serious reviewers and serious shoots scoff at the gimmicky “creative settings” on today’s little digital cameras. And, sometimes, they’re right. But not always 🙂 The top 3 reasons to like the Toy Camera mode are : it’s […]

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