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Mosque ceiling
Oct 10

#413. On to Lucknow

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

      The asthmatic high note tooting of Kenny G has accompanied our breakfasts and the lone dinner we’ve eaten in the hotel. Definitely not my choice as it makes me want to slash my wrists, but millions around the world are attracted to his vanilla cocktail style of jazz. Meanwhile, the food is […]

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Waiting for a train; Barbican
Jul 03

#372. Meandering

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

  ”’Ees gonna fucking kill yer.”   “Nah ee ain’t.”   “You said you was gonna rape ‘er – all me neighbours ‘eard you. ‘ats his girlfriend and ‘es an ABA. Ees gonna fuckin kill yer.”   “Bollocks.”   It’s 07:09. We forgot to buy milk for our morning coffee and I’ve wandered into the […]

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May 23

#355. A Sony lens for A$43

By Paul Perton | Opinion

[Paul] A second article from Australia-based John Shingleton explores a bargain.   === I may be telling this story against myself, given my enthusiasm for Leicas and Leica lenses in particular, but this photo was taken with a lens which I bought for A$43 on eBay. In all it cost A$60 with the postage from […]

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Warm day in Cape Town
Dec 01

#298. Waiting for the wind to stop

By Paul Perton | Review

The Fuji’s frame counter now reads 109. This week’s wind – quite normal for the region at this time of year – has been hammering away making trying to do pretty much anything outside a bit of a challenge.   So, I’ve not had the practice with the X100 I’d hoped for – especially as […]

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The view we climbed to Sacre Coeur to see
Oct 15

#287. The Susans’ day out.

By Paul Perton | News

It’s just past seven on a dark, wet and chilly morning and I’ve dragged my less than svelte being up what seemed like several thousand steps to the entrance of Sacre Coeur, where I am due to meet co-DS-blogger Pascal. I find him on the steps of this huge church, revelling in the semi-constant rain […]

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