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Jul 13

#376. Why DSLRs are deader than a doornail for top-quality photography

By philberphoto | Uncategorized

Fact is, just a few years ago, DSLRs accounted for 100% of top-quality cameras, excluding medium-format and other professional gear. Mirrorless cameras were all compact, with thimble-sized sensors, very limited in terms of performance. There was but one exception, a small market niche for rangefinder cameras, almost exclusively Leica. But, despite the superlative glass, special […]

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Jun 17

#366. Theming up (2): flower saucers

By philberphoto | Opinion

Many times, when a photographer is credited with having “a distinctive style”, that is meant as a compliment. I have never been completely at ease with that, as though it meant, in a way, being a “one trick pony”. I remember my disapointment when reading the third or fourth book by a writer whose first […]

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Jun 10

#364. The A7Rii. Sony Dit It. And it looks amazing !

By pascaljappy | News

Sony’s A7r contained the world’s most desirable FF sensor in a remarkable package that had its infuriating sides. Good build, lovely design, great EVF alongside terrible ergonomics, slow wakeup times and noisy shutter. Once the joy of superb image quality started to dissolve into everyday normality, the niggles started to grow in importance up to […]

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Jun 05

#361. Farewell my lovely (OTUS 85)

By pascaljappy | News

“What comes around inevitably goes around.” I bravely tell myself while packing the OTUS 85/1.4 lens that has been my constant companion for the past 4 months. While I’ve never understood the need for unboxing videos, this reboxing ceremony session certainly has a special emotional impact on me. What if my photographs aren’t good anymore. […]

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