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From 2009's SoFoBoMo - Harmony Beach
Jun 28

#492. SoFoBoMo

By Paul Perton | News

In 2009, a completely unexpected and very interesting photographic book competition was launched. SoFoBoMo (be warned – it’s a bitch to type) or Solo Photo Book Month, laid out a simple rule; take not less than 35 photographs in a four week period, lay the images out into book format, convert to PDF and submit […]

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Roundabout, Harmony Beach
Jan 23

#316. SoFoBoMo

By Paul Perton | News

SoFoBoMo.   Never thought I’d be writing that again. It was done. Kaput. And now it isn’t.   SoFoBoMo – the Solo Photo Book Month – 31 days to shoot a minimum of 35 images and turn the whole project into a photo book.   I did my first SoFoBoMo in 2009 and enjoyed it […]

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