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Dec 07

#675. Review – SilkyPix Studio Developer

By Adrian | Review

Here at Dear Susan there has been much discussion recently about raw development and editing software. There have been disgruntled mutterings about Apple’s Aperture, Adobe Lightroom and the monthly tax for continued access to your own catalogue, and various of Dear Susan’s contributors have tried some of the lesser known development and editing tools for […]

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Sep 23

#647. Sony GM 24-70 : Extreme aspheric bokeh master?

By Adrian | Review

Around a year ago, Philippe wrote this review of the then new Sony “G Master” (GM) 24-70mm f2.8 zoom for their full frame E mount cameras. In his review he talked about the excellence of the lens, it’s resolution, it’s sharpness, it’s contrast, but also it’s lack of “magic”. His conclusion was that many modern lenses such […]

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May 23

#355. A Sony lens for A$43

By paulperton | Opinion

[Paul] A second article from Australia-based John Shingleton explores a bargain.   === I may be telling this story against myself, given my enthusiasm for Leicas and Leica lenses in particular, but this photo was taken with a lens which I bought for A$43 on eBay. In all it cost A$60 with the postage from […]

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Feb 14

#324. Week-end roundup: Krappy cameras vs 80Mpix backs, NZ vs Siberia and more contests than you can count. Plus, don’t be a conformist!

By pascaljappy | News

It’s the week-end and you’re wondering what to read. We have some answers for you. Gear, art, and more fun photographic information. Comments & suggestions welcome.   Photographer braves an unstable frozen lake to capture breathtaking images of magical ice cavern at sunrise in Siberia. Do not try this at home. Ridiculously dangerous, but oh […]

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