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Dec 17

#1251. Printing? What for?

By pascaljappy | How-To

So, a solid 18 months after promising to do so, I’ve finally started printing again. Good news, though not for the reasons initially imagined. The tactile “last mile” is actually so freeing.   So, printed, something like the photo above starts with a triple whammy unfair advantage. But there are more interesting reasons for bracing […]

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Sep 15

#768. Should you print your photographs at home?

By pascaljappy | Opinion

According to Wikipedia, DIY culture, with its grassroots societal overtones, spans a range of activities that includes Kit Cars (science fiction in a country overrun by administration such as France), naked cycling events, guerilla gardening, anarcho-punk and cult of the dead cow. But not home printing. I wonder why. It hardly seems fair, too. After […]

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