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Feb 22

#699. Travel and Street Photography in Kuala Lumpur: be polite

By Adrian | How-To , Travel Photography

Regular readers of Dear Susan may have seen previous articles I’ve written about Singapore and Penang, and finding inspiration in some of Singapore’s modern architecture. I’ve travelled in South East Asia for over a decade, and particularly enjoy visiting Asian cities for their culture clash of western modernity, Asian street culture, and alien familiarity. The […]

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Mar 24

#574. Travel portraits in Asia

By pascaljappy | Travel Photography

This new guest post is from frequent comment contributor Adrian who is sharing some interesting insights on how a vision evolves in time. The underlying topics of thinking about projects and specialisation are particularly noteworthy. Thanks Adrian. Quick bio below : I have been a keen amateur photographer for over 15 years.  My initial interest […]

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Sep 13

#402. Zeiss Milvus 1.4/85 brief review

By pascaljappy | Review

The Zeiss Milvus 1.4/85. Probably the most anticipated lens we’d never heard about. It was unveiled to the press and bloggers, including yours truly, in Oberkochen, a few days ago. The whole Milvus range was. And that has many stars, notably a very well transposed 50/2 Macro and a lovely 21/2.8. But this 85/1.4, this […]

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Jul 19

#113 Incredible India! (2)

By philberphoto | News

India is portrait heaven. Not only do people almost always accept having their pictures taken, if asked respectfully, but there are so many interesting portraits to shoot that I could have bid my driver stop every few hundred meters. That would of course not have helped our travel, which already proceeded at Indian speed. Meaning […]

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