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View of a lush forest environment
Jan 09

#1260. Detox in the art of photobook-making

By pascaljappy | Opinion

Photography is serious business. I shouldn’t be having so much fun 😉   Apologies for the title 😉 Also, please understand detox in a non judgemental way. This post isn’t about explaining how creating a photobook magically cleans up and elevates anyone’s mind. It’s a purely personal account, in the hope that the joy of […]

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Jan 03

#1257. It’s Paris, Baby!

By Chris Stump | Travel Photography

So my son and I flew to Paris to meet up with my wife, who was there for work. What a wonderful week of restaurants, museums, and shops.   After a decades long career in photography and related endeavors I don’t shoot professionally anymore, or at all for that matter. But the upcoming trip gave me […]

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Dec 29

#1254. Rockbridge Churches, Part II

By Lad Sessions | Travel Photography

Part I portrayed some of the numerous Presbyterian churches in Rockbridge County, Virginia,which make up one third of the whole. Part II takes up the other two-thirds: churches fromother denominations. This is a collaborative effort, with narrative by my good friend Ed Craun,paired with my images. Once again this is a sampling, not a catalog; […]

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Dec 22

#1253. An Ode to the Cold

By Joseph L | Opinion

New contributor Joseph L writes about his love of snow and cold 🙂 When I grew up, we used to have very cold winters and fair amount of snow. Not so any more due to climate change, but this winter was kind enough to sprinkle gentle December snow. My hometown went through massive industrialization some thirty […]

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