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Odd looking bridge face ornament in Amsterdam
Nov 20

#428. Introducing InSight: Amsterdam. Best short-stay destination for photographers in the world ?

By pascaljappy | News

Now here’s the sort of bold title we like to refrain from, here on DS. You know, the spammy “10 ways to photograph sunsets that will amaze your friends” or “top 3 reasons why your photographs aren’t getting published” or “The secret technique Cartier Bresson never revealed”. And it’s fairly obvious there’s huge competition on […]

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Roundabout, Harmony Beach
Jan 23

#316. SoFoBoMo

By Paul Perton | News

SoFoBoMo.   Never thought I’d be writing that again. It was done. Kaput. And now it isn’t.   SoFoBoMo – the Solo Photo Book Month – 31 days to shoot a minimum of 35 images and turn the whole project into a photo book.   I did my first SoFoBoMo in 2009 and enjoyed it […]

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