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Oct 12

#655. At the museum

By Steffen Kamprath | Opinion

Every once in a while I stumble upon photos that stick to my mind for a very long time. One of these was in Pascal’s “A tale of two OTI” back in 2015. In particular Philippe’s first image of all the skeletons lined up, looking in one direction. I was fascinated by the colors, the […]

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Apr 06

#469. It’s all about the comfort, stupid!

By philberphoto | Opinion

Remember the famous political one-liner: “it’s all about the economy, stupid!”? With the number of gear-related discussions on photo blogs, you could say the same: “it’s all about the gear, stupid!” Yet we all know that the “eye” of a photographer has a much greater influence on the end result than any gear, however sophisticated. […]

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