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Jan 24

#1167. sPENTAX and RICOHlled

By philberphoto | Opinion

It is sad day for photography. Pentax and Ricoh cameras and lenses will no longer be made industrially. Aficionados of either brand will still be able to acquire their favorite gear as assembled in very low volume by craftsmen, thus making it easy for them to personalize their gear. This is as close to closing […]

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Sep 17

#769. Monday Post (17 Sept 2018) Of landscape photographers but landmark cameras. Why the Hasselblad X1D is a landmark camera!

By philberphoto | Monday Post

There are good cameras, there are remarkable cameras, and there are landmark cameras. For example, the Nikon D850 does everything very well indeed, at levels unthinkable just a couple of years ago. It is a remarkable camera, as DS contributor Dallas can attest to. That said, it is not a landmark camera, in the sense […]

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Mar 15

#336. And the best lens is …

By pascaljappy | How-To

How many lenses to use was the question central to my previous post. One reader, Ken, rightly scolded me in the comments for rehashing an overworked subject. I guess I should have asked for more context and not just for a number of lenses. So let’s see if I can make this one a little […]

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