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Mar 15

#1179. Panoramic … Everything

By pascaljappy | Art & Creativity

Photo school costs $10k to $200k. But here’s all you need to know.   Recently, I’ve been spending way too much time watching a film-photography centric channel called Grainydays. I’ve published multiple links to it in the past, but here’s another one, because it is simply too good to be ignored 😉 The fact that […]

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Dec 05

#1068. Hornet at rest

By Leonard Norwitz | How-To

Following distinguished service for all of one year during WWII, not least as the base for Lt Colonel James Dolittle’s desperate raid on Tokyo four months after the attack on Pearl Harbor that gave the U.S. a needed moral boost, the aircraft carrier USS Hornet was sunk during the Guadalcanal campaign.   It remained on […]

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Belvedere Misty Dawn Panorama
May 23

#726. Recovering highlights

By Paul Perton | Interview

Paul Bruins – I call him the Man With Legs Like A Flamingo, as he is all of 6′ 5″ tall – is a Cape Town based photographer. I met Paul at a (Facebook) Cape of Storms photo meeting a couple of years ago and we’ve kept in occasional touch, culminating in my attending one […]

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Feb 09

#557. pano(D)rama

By pascaljappy | How-To

This is a first reaction to our #555. Force for Positive Change call for reader engagement. Is it a guest post by Oliver, describing his trials and tribulations in creating wide-angle shots and panoramas. It is important for 2 reasons :   (1) Stitching is a greatly underrated technique that can give us medium format […]

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The view we climbed to Sacre Coeur to see
Oct 15

#287. The Susans’ day out.

By Paul Perton | News

It’s just past seven on a dark, wet and chilly morning and I’ve dragged my less than svelte being up what seemed like several thousand steps to the entrance of Sacre Coeur, where I am due to meet co-DS-blogger Pascal. I find him on the steps of this huge church, revelling in the semi-constant rain […]

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The same panorama stitched by autopano-pro and converted to b&w
Jul 13

#255. 7 Ways to Create Stunning Photo Panoramas: 2/3

By pascaljappy | Opinion

In this second episode of a 3-part article on creating photo panoramas, I am focusing on stitching techniques, i.e. techniques involving multiple frames assembled into one. This can be done automatically in camera or manually in post-processing software. Part 1 (techniques involving a single frame) is online here.   3) In-camera photo panoramas Welcome to […]

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