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Dec 13

#435. Autumn Otus

By philberphoto | Opinion

Not every country is so lucky as to have lastingly gorgeous Indian summers, and fireworks of gold and copper foliage. In the Paris region, for example, autumn weather tends to be overcast with dull grey clouds and quite a bit of rain. Not the best weather for photography. So what to do? Go inside, young […]

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Jul 13

#376. Why DSLRs are deader than a doornail for top-quality photography

By philberphoto | Uncategorized

Fact is, just a few years ago, DSLRs accounted for 100% of top-quality cameras, excluding medium-format and other professional gear. Mirrorless cameras were all compact, with thimble-sized sensors, very limited in terms of performance. There was but one exception, a small market niche for rangefinder cameras, almost exclusively Leica. But, despite the superlative glass, special […]

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