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Jul 26

#882. The Un-Camera

By Adrian | Opinion , Review , Travel Photography

Dear Susan’s contributors have varied photographic interests, taken with varied equipment, but often with a unifying aim to avoid the obvious, and often taking an independent path to interesting photography.  A couple of years ago, Dear Susan founder Pascal wrote about the concept of “undestination photography“, to eschew the cliched and instagrammed spots over-run with […]

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Nov 14

#786. Am I going crazy? (Using an inexpensive phone)

By Adrian | Opinion

Dear Susan member Pascal has written before about the rise of the camera phone and his appreciation for it’s simplicity. They have certainly captured the imagination of the consumer market, and have essentially killed off low end pocket cameras, leaving camera makers like Panasonic and Sony moving increasingly upmarket with ultra wide range zooms and […]

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Apr 25

#221. Leica you T me, now you don’t.

By Paul Perton | Opinion

Back in January, I pondered what the Leica T might turn out to be. Yesterday, most of my questions were answered.   Like the pre-season photographs of Renault’s new turbo engine, now at the heart of several Formula 1 teams, we saw something desirable, something to stir deep lusts. I wrote to a friend at […]

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Feb 25

#203. Nikon Df

By Paul Perton | Opinion

As a (now almost completely retired) marketer, I often look at products and wonder how the hell the company that made them got to where they are/were.   The Df is Nikon’s take on retro. Clearly intended to cash in on the same trend that has delivered the revitalised Beetle and Mini, made the rangefinder […]

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