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Sunset, St Margaret's Hope, Orkney. X-T2.
Aug 18

#633. Orkney (snork nie*)

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography , Uncategorized

A post of two halves: my take, followed by DS-regular, Steve Mallett. Photographs as captioned.   ****************************************************************************   It was a shock at first, this hotel on the quayside at St Margaret’s Hope. Our townie attitudes immediately marking it down as old fashioned and no doubt, a mistake. We were wrong, of course. As soon […]

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Paul Perton ©2016
May 19

#480. The Welsh Weekend

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

It was cold yesterday. Surprisingly so as it is May in England, but as luck would have it, a northerly airflow had caused the previous day’s temperatures to plummet by the time I arrived at fellow photographer, old friend and part-time DS contributor, Steve’s home last evening (Friday).   By mid-evening, the mercury had hit […]

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Jan 14

#446. All the way to M43

By Paul Perton | Opinion

Author, Steve Mallett lives in a tiny coastal village in west Wales. He’s had his difficulties with mainstream FF DSLRs and in a few words and pictures describes his (very satisfying) journey to M43…   Serendipity, luck and happenstance have determined the arc of my digital journey. In early 2006 my great pal and contributor […]

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Mar 15

#336. And the best lens is …

By pascaljappy | How-To

How many lenses to use was the question central to my previous post. One reader, Ken, rightly scolded me in the comments for rehashing an overworked subject. I guess I should have asked for more context and not just for a number of lenses. So let’s see if I can make this one a little […]

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Sep 18

#156. Silver Efex. Is it just Canned Art ?

By pascaljappy | Review

You know the warm feeling of genius you first felt at the click of an Instagram button when your very average snapshot of the next door neighbour’s dog was magically turned into a David Hamilton masterpiece of a soft focus poochery ? You know how quickly the feeling evaporated when you found millions of such […]

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