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Aug 29

#762. Shooting the storm

By Paul Perton | How-To , Uncategorized

Just a few weeks ago, Cape Town was in real danger of becoming one of the world’s first major cities to run out of water. In several storage dams, the water level was nearing single digits; unrecoverable reserves, as the movement of water would stir up way too much silt and rubbish from the dam’s […]

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Parting shot - D800e and 50mm f1.4
Oct 28

#290. Hurry up and wait.

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

Wait. Wait. Wait. Monday. I’ve been waiting a week for the weather and wind gods to deliver a still pre-dawn and waste no time in sending an SMS message to Bernie, my photo buddy in the next village. It’s still not 05:00, but he’s up and about already – as enthusiastic about the conditions as […]

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Mar 14

#94. The colourful bustle of Busselton

By pascaljappy | News

“Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet” the old TV ad used to go (maybe it still does). Except it ain’t. Happiness is WA. Southwestern Oz is simply the most refreshing, relaxing and stimulating place I know on earth. As Paradises go, Busselton is rather too touristy to make it to the top rungs of my […]

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