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Nov 21

#789. More Smartphone Fun

By Steve Mallett | Opinion

Pascal’s post #755, “In defence of smartphone photography, again” and more recently Adrian’s  post #786 Am I going Crazy? (Using an inexpensive smartphone), speak of “smartphone fun” and I thought I’d add my two penn’orth. As some of you will know, I belong to a U3A camera group, (University of the Third Age) comprising members of […]

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Jan 13

#82. HDR with the Sony NEX-5N

By pascaljappy | News

UPDATE : A summary of all this website’s reviews of the Sony NEX-5n and NEX-7 is now available. Continuing my rolling review of the Sony Nex-5N, here are a few thoughts on the HDR capabilities of this little camera. All pictures on this page made with the Zeiss ZM Biogon 25/2.8 or the Leica Elmarit-M […]

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