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Aug 31

#763. Standing the market on its head

By philberphoto | Opinion

Market wisdom has it that good (photographic) investment is in glass. This is how this works: with film cameras, the camera itself has little influence on the end result. The film and the glass do. So get yourself a camera, keep it forever, and spend money on glass. The resulting business model for manufacturers is […]

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DearSusan free calendar page for November 2014
Nov 03

#291. November Calendar Page

By pascaljappy | News

Dear readers, it’st that time of the month again. The time when we’re late in delivering our monthly calendar page (again, ahem …) This one is from Paris. Any of you who have visited l’Ile de la Cité might recognize the scene from the small flower market just outside the metro exit. Among the flowers […]

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