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Jan 21

#811. Monday Post (21 Jan 2019) – What’s in my bag? The one-and-only lens.

By philberphoto | Monday Post

There are many styles of photography and photographers, so any statement needs to be made in the context of a certain type of shooting and individual Please see: https://www.dearsusan.net/2015/02/03/320-magic-quadrant-personal-photographic-style/ . In my case, stationary objects, cityscapes, landscapes, close-ups, and my style is storytelling.. It is now almost a year that I can give DS’ shortest […]

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Sep 15

#512b. The perfect gentleman

By philberphoto | Review

Ah, what is so rare as a perfect gentleman ? He is always appropriately dressed, but never calls attention upon himself, the way a dandy would. He always fits in, yet maintains a distinctive identity. He never puts a foot wrong, whatever the circumstances. And, as and when matters require it, he always comes through for […]

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Feb 25

#458. The Zeiss Loxia 35 in colour

By pascaljappy | Review

Quick update. A few days ago, using the Zess Loxia 35 in bright winter sunlight in black & white, I was impressed by resolution but somewhat miffed at the hardly manageable contrast. Inside, things took a definite turn for the better, leading me to think that this lens is better suited to interior scenes or […]

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