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Jan 21

#811. Monday Post (21 Jan 2019) – What’s in my bag? The one-and-only lens.

By philberphoto | Monday Post

There are many styles of photography and photographers, so any statement needs to be made in the context of a certain type of shooting and individual Please see: https://www.dearsusan.net/2015/02/03/320-magic-quadrant-personal-photographic-style/ . In my case, stationary objects, cityscapes, landscapes, close-ups, and my style is storytelling.. It is now almost a year that I can give DS’ shortest […]

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Sep 15

#512b. The perfect gentleman

By philberphoto | Review

Ah, what is so rare as a perfect gentleman¬†? He is always appropriately dressed, but never calls attention upon himself, the way a dandy would. He always fits in, yet maintains a distinctive identity. He never puts a foot wrong, whatever the circumstances. And, as and when matters require it, he always comes through for […]

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Feb 25

#458. The Zeiss Loxia 35 in colour

By pascaljappy | Review

Quick update. A few days ago, using the Zess Loxia 35 in bright winter sunlight in black & white, I was impressed by resolution but somewhat miffed at the hardly manageable contrast. Inside, things took a definite turn for the better, leading me to think that this lens is better suited to interior scenes or […]

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Jan 04

#443. A 21mm for the 21st century: Zeiss Loxia 21mm

By philberphoto | Review

When Zeiss first announced the Touit line of lenses, people thought “OMG, what sort of name is that?” For, after decades of hallowed technical names like “Distagon”, “Biogon”, “Sonnar” and “Planar”, Zeiss had decided that the best names for their lenses were bird families. Not only that, but they forsook the obvious “Condor”, which would […]

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