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Dec 07

#675. Review – SilkyPix Studio Developer

By Adrian | Review

Here at Dear Susan there has been much discussion recently about raw development and editing software. There have been disgruntled mutterings about Apple’s Aperture, Adobe Lightroom and the monthly tax for continued access to your own catalogue, and various of Dear Susan’s contributors have tried some of the lesser known development and editing tools for […]

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Dec 08

#535. Lightroom vs Capture One in B&W

By pascaljappy | Review

Continuing my comparison of Adobe Lightroom and Phase One Capture One photo editors, here is a sequence on B&W conversions. So it’s fitting to start with a colour image, right? Just to set the scene of the first conversion. This conversion used one of the built-in presets. The one below used a second. We can […]

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Nov 25

#530. LightRoom vs Capture One in Berlin

By pascaljappy | Review

While Paul navigated Japan and experimented with the very promising Luminar software, I was closer to home, in Berlin, making a set of photographs in various situations to compare the outputs of Capture One and Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom got me very excited in the early days. Compared to my workhorse of the moment, Photoshop, the […]

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Sep 18

#156. Silver Efex. Is it just Canned Art ?

By pascaljappy | Review

You know the warm feeling of genius you first felt at the click of an Instagram button when your very average snapshot of the next door neighbour’s dog was magically turned into a David Hamilton masterpiece of a soft focus poochery ? You know how quickly the feeling evaporated when you found millions of such […]

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Jul 23

#9. Cyberdog

By pascaljappy | News , Opinion

Ami touriste, (1) Londres est la plus belle ville du monde (2) Camden est un paradis pour les photographes (3) Le temps britannique et l’architecture encouragent le noir et blanc 🙂 Cyberdog est un magasin visuellement incroyable. Les employés sont malheureusement aussi déplaisants que paranos (pour la petite histoire, à l’occasion du London Street Photography […]

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