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May 27

#863. St John-of-the-Light

By philberphoto | Travel Photography

I knew there was something special as soon as I got there, on an evening after sundown. I immediately whipped out my phone to capture the moment. It was a brand new phone. No, not the Otus-Huawei brilliantly described by Adrian. An iPhone Xr. The first snaps looked technically gorgeous on the phone screen. Logical, […]

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May 24

#862. Fog, for fog’s sake.

By pascaljappy | Opinion

It’s your average morning. Bones still creaking, brain too lazy to clear breakfast from the dining table, let alone clean the cat’s offering / furball elimination. Catch your toe on a chair leg. Grumble tones, the usual. The phone rings. If it’s work, I’ll murder them. Turns out it ain’t, and I won’t.     […]

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Nov 17

#669. London in colour

By pascaljappy | How-To

You’d expect someone who’s visited London over 50 times and regularly rants about unimaginative tourist shots to serve up something better than the Eye playing darts in the sunset, right? But no, that’s exactly what you’re getting with this post. That, and more of the same …     Have I gone potty ? Well, […]

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