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Feb 18

#1173. Why I lost interest in superfast lenses

By pascaljappy | Opinion

It’s not snobbery, it’s not reverse-snobbery. It’s all about how I like to define depth in images. Loosing interest would imply fast lenses were once close to the epicenter of my photographic experience. But, when searching the thousands of photographs I’ve posted on DS over the years, it was surprisingly difficult to find many made […]

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Jan 21

#811. Monday Post (21 Jan 2019) – What’s in my bag? The one-and-only lens.

By philberphoto | Monday Post

There are many styles of photography and photographers, so any statement needs to be made in the context of a certain type of shooting and individual Please see: https://www.dearsusan.net/2015/02/03/320-magic-quadrant-personal-photographic-style/ . In my case, stationary objects, cityscapes, landscapes, close-ups, and my style is storytelling.. It is now almost a year that I can give DS’ shortest […]

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