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Oct 16

#916. Some like it wide

By Pascal Ollier | How-To

I had always wanted to “have it all” in one shot. Simultaneously, pano and stitching are too complicated, time consuming for me. When going digital seriously after leaving both my film years and a first dabble with pocket cameras, I screwed a Sigma 12-24 onto a Nikon D 200 first and 300 afterwards. To me, […]

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Nov 09

#665. Swimming upstream

By Paul Perton | Opinion

Cats years are reckoned to be nine of ours. Dogs, seven.   There’s agreement on that, but not much on camera longevity, especially if it’s a Leica. I’m not sure I don’t think that’s a bit disingenuous.       Got it yet? Yes, I succumbed a year ago. I bought an almost brand new […]

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Sep 23

#647. Sony GM 24-70 : Extreme aspheric bokeh master?

By Adrian | Review

Around a year ago, Philippe wrote this review of the then new Sony “G Master” (GM) 24-70mm f2.8 zoom for their full frame E mount cameras. In his review he talked about the excellence of the lens, it’s resolution, it’s sharpness, it’s contrast, but also it’s lack of “magic”. His conclusion was that many modern lenses such […]

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Jul 20

#620. Can fishermen have GAS too?

By Paul Perton | Opinion

Surrounded by friends of many decades and places past, a week of salmon fishing on the Spey has become a part of our annual calendar. Filled with food, laughter, a more than adequate supply of booze and an occasional fishy catch, there are also quiet times in most days which allow for photographic exploration and […]

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Jan 28

#553. Straight Outta the Darkroom

By pascaljappy | Review

This is a very interesting guest post by Brian Patterson on how and why to adapt enlarger lenses to outfit modern day cameras. Refreshing … Be sure to click on the clematis shot, it is full size and shows the lovely image quality of the lens. Brian, thanks a lot for sharing this.   That’s […]

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Tokyo - Fuji 23mm f1.4
Dec 24

#540. Your experience may vary

By Paul Perton | Opinion , Travel Photography

  Much of DS’ content this past year has been gear-related; lens comparisons, Zeiss’ Otii, Sony cameras v everything else, different software comparisons and despite our best intentions and efforts, little of it really conclusive. Personal preference remains the real test.         Trawling my usual list of daily/weekly/monthly photo blog reads this […]

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