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Dec 18

#1159. Introducing Critique

By pascaljappy | News

We’ve worked hard to make DearSusan a safe place to share your images and ideas and it’s worked. But it may have become too much of a good thing, so we’re introducing an element of critique for readers who want a bit more than mere encouragement 🙂 Here’s how this is going to work.   […]

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May 27

#1121. How to *really* learn photography

By pascaljappy | How-To

Not a day goes by without a blog post or video describing tips, rules or techniques to make better photographs. 99.9% miss the mark, and it’s not always their fault. Here’s how to use them better.   Disclaimer: The following is purely based on personal experience and isn’t sanctioned by any of the official schools […]

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Jun 11

#1014. Books that Have Helped Me Grow as a Photographer

By Frank Field | How-To

In retirement, my avocation is landscape photography, particularly of the unmatched North Coast of California. As I’ve sought to transform myself from a high tech R&D leader to a photographer, I have accumulated about 200 volumes of monographs, collected works, histories, biographies and instructional works. Pascal’s call in DearSusan #995 for an index to influential […]

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