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Bead sellers, Kolkata Flower Market
Oct 03

#409. The Kolkata interlude

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

  Note to self 1: when your weather app tells you it’s 35C outside, with a “feels like” temperature of 45C, it’s best not to go for a walk. Especially, if your testosterone ends up encouraging you to walk 7 kilometres through Kolkata’s endless throngs.   Note to self 2: if you’re going to be […]

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Jul 19

#113 Incredible India! (2)

By philberphoto | News

India is portrait heaven. Not only do people almost always accept having their pictures taken, if asked respectfully, but there are so many interesting portraits to shoot that I could have bid my driver stop every few hundred meters. That would of course not have helped our travel, which already proceeded at Indian speed. Meaning […]

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Jul 09

#112 Incredible India! (1)

By philberphoto | News

Incredible India! is the baseline of India’s national advertising, inviting tourists to visit. Images in the TV ads are indeed incredible, inviting, wonderful. But, let me tell you, they are inferior to reality. To give you an idea, I spent there 13 days and came back with 3000 pictures, even though the light was so […]

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