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Jan 30

#1264. Time it like Bresson (Henri Cartier)

By pascaljappy | How-To

Can Henri Cartier-Bresson’s signature be reduced to the decisive moment he made famous? His photographs, his quotes and his modus operandi all scream a resounding NO! 🙂   You say Henri-Cartier Bresson, you hear decisive moment. An ability to click at the right moment, at the height of the emotional potential of a scene. Many […]

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May 22

#861. Has Huawei made an Otus?

By Adrian | Opinion

Until recently the mobile phone market appeared to have no limit.  Worldwide sales continued to grow, and manufacturers fed consumers with a never ending array of “innovation” to tempt them to upgrade.  Strangely, as real innovation seemed to falter and everyone’s phone already had a big enough screen and enough storage and a battery that […]

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