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Nov 08

#174. Stalker in Paris

By pascaljappy | News

So here I am in the world’s most touristy city with my new best camera in the world, my HTC cellphone 🙂 Having sold both my Olympus OM-D E-M5 and my Nikon D800e to make room for the camera that could (almost) unite the qualities of both, the Sony A7r, here I am, as naked […]

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Nov 05

#172. Doors of Provence (1)

By pascaljappy | Travel Photography

Small villages in Provence are not all what TV movies try to make them look to be. Stone walls are often covered in cracking concrete. Gorgeous wooden doors are not as gorgeous or wooden. But in real life, they’re much better than the sugary images. More varied, more human and more packed with individual stories […]

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Sep 18

#156. Silver Efex. Is it just Canned Art ?

By pascaljappy | Review

You know the warm feeling of genius you first felt at the click of an Instagram button when your very average snapshot of the next door neighbour’s dog was magically turned into a David Hamilton masterpiece of a soft focus poochery ? You know how quickly the feeling evaporated when you found millions of such […]

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Jan 15

#138. Sturm und Drang

By pascaljappy | News

Late 18th century German artists reacted to the diktat of rational enlightment with the Sturm und Drang movement trough which emotion and subjectivity was given center stage. This morning, the skies treated my neck of Provence to a delightful sunrise on a snowy forecast day. In between testing lenses for my ongoing Nikon D800e review, […]

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Jan 06

#137. When is it art ?

By pascaljappy | News , Opinion

Which of the two pictures below (if any) would you consider to be art ? Both are quick evaluations of the potential of a panorama, to determine whether it is worth spending more time on the picture or not. The first, above, is a quick and dirty alignment in Photoshop (showing all my technical transgressions […]

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