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Sep 23

#647. Sony GM 24-70 : Extreme aspheric bokeh master?

By Adrian | Review

Around a year ago, Philippe wrote this review of the then new Sony “G Master” (GM) 24-70mm f2.8 zoom for their full frame E mount cameras. In his review he talked about the excellence of the lens, it’s resolution, it’s sharpness, it’s contrast, but also it’s lack of “magic”. His conclusion was that many modern lenses such […]

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Sep 09

#509. Mona Lisa photography? (because a more descriptive title would include the word “arum”, which rhymes with “scarum”)

By philberphoto | How-To

It is said that Leonardo da Vinci never really considered that he’d “finished” his painting known as the Mona Lisa. That he continually studied it, and, at times, perfected it. You’re thinking: he’s gone off the deep end. Comparing himself to a photographic Leonardo. What is he going to do next, show pictures that can […]

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Sep 13

#402. Zeiss Milvus 1.4/85 brief review

By pascaljappy | Review

The Zeiss Milvus 1.4/85. Probably the most anticipated lens we’d never heard about. It was unveiled to the press and bloggers, including yours truly, in Oberkochen, a few days ago. The whole Milvus range was. And that has many stars, notably a very well transposed 50/2 Macro and a lovely 21/2.8. But this 85/1.4, this […]

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Jun 17

#366. Theming up (2): flower saucers

By philberphoto | Opinion

Many times, when a photographer is credited with having “a distinctive style”, that is meant as a compliment. I have never been completely at ease with that, as though it meant, in a way, being a “one trick pony”. I remember my disapointment when reading the third or fourth book by a writer whose first […]

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