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Oct 11

#162. Finding consistency in style (?)

By pascaljappy | Opinion

Consistency of style is an important distinction between amateurs and true artists. An Ansel Adams print is immediately recognisable, as are the works of many other famous names. Whereas amateurs often have no style of their own or have too many, exploring various appealing alleys simultaneously. I believe modern image manipulation software is partly responsible […]

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Oct 07

#161. Black Merc

By pascaljappy | Travel Photography

Walking the streets of Oxford a few days ago (will have more news about this soon), I stumbled upon this mean machine. It was dark grey and looked menacing. So I got close with a Zeiss 25mm Distagon wide open and let the nose become the center of attraction. Back in LightRoom, I accentuated this […]

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Sep 18

#156. Silver Efex. Is it just Canned Art ?

By pascaljappy | Review

You know the warm feeling of genius you first felt at the click of an Instagram button when your very average snapshot of the next door neighbour’s dog was magically turned into a David Hamilton masterpiece of a soft focus poochery ? You know how quickly the feeling evaporated when you found millions of such […]

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Jul 24

#149/2 Re-Touit!

By philberphoto | News

In instalment  #149, I announced that I would come back to that theme, once I had more to show and tell about the Touit 12mm. So, why this unusual number? So as not to “burn” # 150, where our Lord and Master, Pascal, has a surprise in store! But, back to Touit. I left you […]

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Jan 28

#85. A Contax-G trilogy on the Sony NEX-5N

By pascaljappy | News

Update: the Planar G 45mm f/2 has now been tested on the Sony NEX-7. A summary of all this website’s reviews of the Sony NEX-5n and NEX-7 is now available. After presenting the Zeiss ZM Distagon 18/4 in my previous post, here are three more lenses from the private collection of Philippe, a fellow photographer […]

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