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Nishi Shinjuku
Jan 05

#306. Early rising

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

  Early morning, Shinjuku. Really early – 05:05 and I’m already on the streets.   Of course, I blame jetlag but the truth is that several decades of living in Africa have left their imprint; I sleep when it gets dark and wake as dawn arrives. At home, there’s always things to do. In a […]

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Dec 23

#135. New Dawn

By pascaljappy | News

Hi guys ! It looks like we survived the end of the world after all 🙂 So here are 3 pictures from the first morning after … One “mother ship” cloud, taken at regular intervals. It’s all about light, folks. In 2013, I will focus on light. Light, nothing but light ! Cheers and best […]

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