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Oct 19

#778. What’s in my bag? (episode 1)

By Adrian | Review

Quick intro to this series (Pascal) : There have been many writers on DS, some regular, some on and off . We though it would be interesting for us to describe what we carry around during our shooting sessions, to highlight the vast differences between all of our approaches to photography. One particular question is […]

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Roundabout, Harmony Beach
Jan 23

#316. SoFoBoMo

By Paul Perton | News

SoFoBoMo.   Never thought I’d be writing that again. It was done. Kaput. And now it isn’t.   SoFoBoMo – the Solo Photo Book Month – 31 days to shoot a minimum of 35 images and turn the whole project into a photo book.   I did my first SoFoBoMo in 2009 and enjoyed it […]

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