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Jun 14

#607. WIP: Order in chaos

By Steffen Kamprath | Opinion

What is WIP Work In Progress (WIP) is a new series I just came up with. The goal is to share ongoing long-term concepts and photo series. We at DS talked a lot about personal development as a photographer, and, in my opinion, there’s little more pro than thinking in series and concepts spanning over […]

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Canola near Philadelphia
Aug 26

#507. Canola capers

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography , Uncategorized

  Behind the scenes at DearSusan, the work goes on tirelessly. The e-mails buzz back and forth, occasionally delivering a co-operative effort worthy of publication. This is one such. It sped across the Interwebs between myself in Cape Town, Bob Harrison in Glasgow, Pascal in Provence and Philippe, who I guess was in Paris, where […]

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Jun 25

# 368. The Skye bit

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

  Lunch was sublime, Cape Town’s best; fresh tuna carpaccio followed by spaghetti vongole for Mrs P and swordfish pasta for me. Washed down with a couple of glasses of more than acceptable local rosé and then, a quick trip to the airport.     Lunch? I’d promised Mrs P as she only leaves for […]

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Feb 25

#328. An OTUS 85 on cloud 9

By pascaljappy | Opinion

I’ve been known to ramble on about my dislike of photo lab rats quite a bit in the past (and there’s plenty more to come, rest assured, ahem). But this doesn’t mean lenses shouldn’t be thoroughly tested before purchase, when at all possible. It simply implies that other means of review are more interesting and […]

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Oct 06

#284. Autumn Colours in the Sky

By pascaljappy | News

Every region has it’s own way of celebrating the arrival of autumn (fall, for readers on the other side of the pond). Canada has its incredible forests, Paris has the Salon de l’Automobile, Japan has Kouyou, Scotland and Wales look amazing (when don’t they), vineyards become multicoloured gems, … Provence has sunsets.     Not […]

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