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Mar 22

#1101. NFTs: When Blockchain Meets Art

By pascaljappy | Opinion

Trust. A global lack of it has fueled a swell of technological ideas aimed at geting rid of the “untrustworthy middle-man”. Blockchain is the most famous and likely to have an impact on our lives and Bitcoin has been the poster child for a financial application of blockchain for the past decade. But what happens […]

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Jun 18

#738. Monday Post (18 June 2018) – More on digital manipulation, Bruckner and Bitcoin !

By pascaljappy | Monday Post

In the absence of comment-worthy photographic news, this Monday Post turns into yet another exposition of my favourite photographic biases: all photographs are lies, photography is utterly subjective, just let’s allow digital manipulation in the photo world. In exposing this to the world, I feel a little like the little creature below.     You […]

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