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Dec 06

#1248. Confessions of a grabber

By pascaljappy | How-To

Internal conflict between photographic aspirations and reality can eat you up, man. Know thyself, right?   A few posts ago, I mentioned growing dissatisfaction with my “grabber” approach to photography. For those not familiar with this website, the grabber is one of the 4 photographer personalities proposed by co-author Philippe which describes people like me […]

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Oct 21

#1237. Creation = stress?

By pascaljappy | Opinion

This stress is one of many options to explain (male) photographer’s constant GAS 😉   Another quick post, to examine a thought that arose after listening to a HiFi dealer interview. My dealer. He explains that one of his customers, an orchestra conductor, owns an old and quite poor audio system. That man reconstructs the […]

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Jul 02

#1216. Celebrating photography!

By philberphoto | Opinion

All of us are photographers. Which means that we look at our craft “from within”. I find it a rich exercise to sometimes take a step back and look at it “from the outside”.   One of the values of this is to reconnect with how much photography has to give/offer, and to avoid taking […]

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Jun 16

#1210. News from Pixii

By pascaljappy | News

And why I can no longer review their cameras …   So here’s a project close to my heart. This is not the first post about the Pixii camera on this blog and it won’t be the last. The young company has decided that modernity can mean different things to different people. And, while most […]

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