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Aug 18

#1133. More London Photography. Fluid Architecture?

By pascaljappy | Opinion

I’ve been photographing London for as long as I’ve had access to a camera. It’s always fascinated me for its shape-shifting architectural abilities. Are those threatening its appeal, now, though?   To me, the spectrum of “architectural” travel photography covers at least three stages, each equally interesting but attracting different types of creators and spectators […]

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Sep 08

#641. Finding Solace.

By Adrian | Opinion

Adrian Turner: I recently wrote about my lack of inspiration following a particularly challenging period in my life, that left me feeling emotionally drained and creatively barren. My inspiration came from an hour of introspection whilst I photographed abstract architecture in Singapore, and led to a reassurance that all interest in photography was not dead. […]

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Jun 09

#605. The powers of darkness

By pascaljappy | Opinion

This is a new very interesting guest post by our now regular contributor Adrian. I think you’ll find the very personal perspective and strong images as profoundly compelling as I do. Thanks for sharing this, Adrian.   Until April 2017 I had not picked up a camera since June 2016, at the end of a […]

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