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Dec 14

#187. Of Kiwis and time

By Paul Perton | News , Opinion

“Whatcha photographing mate?” It’s early November and I am standing on Wellington’s spectacular waterfront, close to the Maori-named national museum, Te Papa. The weather is overcast and I’m not sure how to answer this curious local. “Dunno. I’ll know when I get home and see what they look like then.” The Kiwi shrugged and wandered […]

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Oct 20

#167. (In defense of) More blur

By pascaljappy | Opinion

Hi every one. Here is a third contribution from our South African friend Paul Perton, a pro photographer from Cape Town who is defending our rights to make blurs a part of our art! Go Paul! I particularly like the notion that there are many types of blurs and as many ways of producing them. […]

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Aug 14

#151. The shiny eye in the silent storm

By pascaljappy | News

August in Provence sees a mix of very hot weather with blue skies and stormy conditions that announce the arrival of Autumn a few weeks later. A few nights ago, we were treated to a light show that lasted almost for an hour in total silence. Lightning never struck the ground, brightening the clouds from […]

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Jan 15

#138. Sturm und Drang

By pascaljappy | News

Late 18th century German artists reacted to the diktat of rational enlightment with the Sturm und Drang movement trough which emotion and subjectivity was given center stage. This morning, the skies treated my neck of Provence to a delightful sunrise on a snowy forecast day. In between testing lenses for my ongoing Nikon D800e review, […]

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Nov 08

#128. Abstract Tourism

By pascaljappy | News

One of the greatest perils in amateur photography is the click as you go syndrome. Whether every angle of a scene fascinates you or whether you are simply compulsive about getting the shot, you often end up taking way too many pictures of average quality rather than fewer better ones. Manufacturers aren’t helping. And it’s […]

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