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All the articles published about the Sony A7R or about lenses used on this wonderful camera centralised in one place. Some are formal reviews, others describe the camera on location.

Alternative lenses on the Sony A7R

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Formal Review


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Points of View

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  • Michelle/Http://www, says:

    Hi thanks for the great article. I’ve been using my A7R for about 16 months and I’m no longer able to create sun stars with any less it seems. I’ve had no trouble in the past and checked my settings. My camera seems to be working fine otherwise. Thank you very much!

    • pascaljappy says:

      Hi Michelle, I’m glad you’re enjoying your camera, it is a great one. Sun stars are made by the lens, which needs to be shut down quite a lot (f/11 or f/16, for example). Not all lenses produce great sunstars, but most will and wide angles are usually better for that. Try a 35mm at f/11, for example, and be careful of your eyes in the sun. Let me know how it worked out.

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