​Sateen Prion

​I'm interested in memory, fading and all matters related to evolution. 


​Supporting walls

​Look at a stone wall and you can know a lot about the area: ​its soil, ​its customs, its past and its relationship with its heritage ... The way these walls are lived in, tagged by local residents, or falling from neglect is the miror image of what led to their creation. As the need fades, so does the maintenance. And the decay of these walls often tells as much about those who live next to them as their construction told us about their ancestors.

​Hidden identities

​Those arephotographs of Japan, Pariq, Scotland, Egypt, London (...) that ​rarely represent ​an​ything famous but capture ​how it feels to​ visit the area.

All prints are 1​7 inches, long dimension, ​warm Piezo prints made by Picto in Paris on A2 inch Hahnemuhle Baryta paper. All are editions of 1​7 + 3 AP, unless otherwise noted (on hover). Price: 180 € (excl shipping).

​Micro worlds

​Squares, nothing but squares. Squares for the sake of it. Simply because I love the format, the simple and elegant focus it creates on the subject. All prints are available in two sizes:

  • 1​0 inch squares, neutral Piezo prints made by Picto in Paris on A​3 Hahnemuhle Baryta 315 paper. All are editions of 1​7 + 3 AP.  Prices start at 1​20 € (excl shipping) for print n°1 then ​ rise by 5% per new print.
  • ​14 inch squares on A2 ​Hahnemuhle Baryta 315, also neutral piezo printed by Picto in Paris. Edition of 7 + 2 AP. Prices start at ​200 € (excl shipping) for print n°1 then ​ rise by 10% per new print.
Hocus Focus

This series gets up close to flowers, using portraiture techniques rather than conventional marcophotography. Instead placing focus on maximum detail, it seeks to reveal the soft shapes and ​shades of the leaves, stems and petals., so as to ​be far truer to how we perceive the beauty of those flowers​ in real life.

All prints are 1​2 inches (long dimention), warm Piezo prints made by Picto in Paris on ​A​3 inch Hahnemuhle Baryta 315 paper.​ All are editions of 17 + 3 AP. Price: 240 € (excl shipping).